- About us -
Horseback riding camp "Borisovi",
Lyoben Karavelovo, Varna region, Bulgaria (all around the year)

We are pleased to welcome on our camp those who love horses and riding. The riding camp provides the environment in which horse lovers can experience: riding, teaching riding, enjoying the wonderful world of horses in their natural environment. The village is situated in lovely surroundings, presenting the beauty of the Bulgarian nature – forest, dam lake, meadows. We offer an inviting entertainment, where you could learn more about the different horse breeds, their nature and life. We would like to share with our guests our feeling of a childhood dream come true.
We offer:
- Wonderful ideas for your holiday
- Kids riding lessons
- Exotic scenery rides through the forest and meadows to the close by dam lake
- Beautiful countryside trail rides

Beginner’s riding lessons:
- introducing the horse temper
- getting to know the horse
- instructor-led riding

We have different horse breeds:
- Throughbred
- Haflinger
- East Bulgarian

Dear guests, please, contact us over the phone before comming to the camp!